When Should You Be Getting Dentures?

Many people think that dentures are only for seniors. But, one can actually get dentures at any age. Of course, you won’t be needing dentures that early if you practice proper dental care in Livingston, California.

Dentures can help address various dental issues. When should you be getting them? It is always important to schedule a consultation with a dentist in Modesto, California to determine if you need dentures or not. Otherwise, you should be getting dentures when:

  • You have missing teeth. When one or some of your teeth are already missing, there is a higher risk of you losing the remaining ones.
  • You have moving or loose teeth. Moving or loose teeth are typically a sign of tooth decay. It also is a precursor for missing teeth.
  • You have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes the gums to swell and look red. Without treatment, this disease can damage the bones that support the teeth, thereby also resulting in tooth loss.
  • You have severe toothaches. Severe toothaches that just do not go away typically signify tooth decay. Eventually, you will need dentures.
  • You experience pain or have difficulty chewing food. This may mean that your teeth have significant damage.

Schedule a consultation with Suave Dental so we can check if you need dentures or another treatment option. We provide affordable dentistry in Los Banos, California.

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