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At Suave Dental, we provide high-quality dental care with a personal touch that you can enjoy. We recommend visiting us every 6 months for a cleaning and examination, as well as some pampering.


Routine dental cleanings help remove plaque and tartar, which can contain harmful bacteria. If left uncleaned, plaque and tartar can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and other damage.


If you haven’t had a professional cleaning in some time, your gums may bleed during the process. However, our hygienists are gentle and will work based on your needs and comfort level. If your mouth feels sore after the cleaning is complete, over-the-counter pain medication should fix the issue.


During a cleaning, your dental hygienist will conduct a complete periodontal examination of your gums, noting any recession, periodontal pocketing, and gently remove plaque and tartar from around your gum line, as well as in between your teeth. We’ll polish your teeth with a high-tech electric brush before closing by flossing between them to ensure they’re tartar-free. At each visit, we always do an oral cancer screening. If you have cavity prone or chronic tooth sensitivity and are looking for a fluoride treatment or mouthwash, we may recommend one.


Dental insurance typically covers 100% of the costs for two professional cleanings per year. Our office is more than happy to help bill your insurance company so that you can be reimbursed for these visits. Although payment is due at the time of service, you will be reimbursed soon afterwards.


Why People Love Suave Dental

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I just have to say thank you to all of you! This is an amazing team. I was in so much pain from another dentist mistake and they took such great care of me. I honestly don’t think I can thank them enough for taking the time to help me. A great team that truly cares about the people they see.

Valene Gonzales

The office staff is always so courteous and friendly. The doctor is always so patient especially when the patient is difficult like me. The office staff always is accommodating to my family needs since we all come here due to the awesome staff.

Yolanda Rebultan

The staff is great and friendly!!! The scheduling is always fast they have flexible times and dates available. Dr. Momani is absolutely amazing so friendly, humble and professional he always answers any questions you may have.

Claudia Mello

I’ve been going here now for a while. I had some fillings done and recently a root canal. Let me tell you all the people who work there are just wonderful people. They really care about you and your comfort.
They are so kind and gentle. I’ve already got a few people to come here for work and they are all extremely happy. I recommend them to everyone who needs work done!!

Sabrina Vanderstaay

Great place to get dental work done, my experience thus far has been lovely, they’re very friendly, if at any moment during getting work done you feel any for of discomfort they’re extremely kind and patient patients as well, defiantly recommend.

XiuChen 98

Nobody likes going to the dentist.. but this place takes that away as soon as you walk in the door…you’re treated kindly at the front desk…with compassion in the back office…and with care in the dentists hands. I’ve had a horrific experience with my teeth but suave has made me so comfortable with my self and with my treatment plan. I am very grateful to them.

Monica Cuevas

First time coming here after I seen about 6 dentist. I liked the way they explained my situation and how they had different options to fit my needs. I had 2 extractions minimal pain, the doctor was awesome.
The assistant was the best! I highly recommend this place, nice and welcoming staff, front office was great, and to top it off they have the best prices.

Maricruz Alberto

When I was in desperate need of dental work done, suave dental was there for me! Not only were they so nice, we were able to find a payment plan that works just for me. I highly recommend Dr. Mendoza. My favorite dentist everl So gentle and shows genuine concern during the visit and explains everything step by step. I will never go to another dentist again.

Ashley Rodgers

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