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A dental crown is a cap shaped like a tooth. It is placed over a tooth – to restore its shape, size and strength. It also improves the look of a tooth. Different materials are used to make crowns and they are all fabricated to look nearly identical to the tooth being restored. This ensures the crown will match the surrounding teeth. Suave Dental will recommend the best materials and processes for your specific crown treatment.

Crowns for Children
Crowns can be used for primary teeth (baby teeth) in the following situations:

  • If severe decay has damaged the tooth and it can no longer support a filling
  • For children who are at high risk for tooth decay

In most cases with children, the dentist will recommend a stainless steel crown.

What can patients experience after a placement of a crown?

Discomfort and Sensitivity

Once the crown has been placed and the anesthesia has worn off, there may be some discomfort and sensitivity. If the tooth that has been crowned still has a nerve present, you may experience hot and cold sensitivity. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth may be recommended for temporary use. If there is pain when biting down, this could mean that the crown is situated too high on the tooth. You should let your dentist know immediately so that the situation can be addressed.

Chipped Crowns

Crowns made with all-porcelain can chip. Small chips can be restored with a composite filling, but major chips may require replacement of the crown.

Temporary crowns

Temporary crowns are used until your permanent crown is placed. Temporary crowns are made in the dental office, whereas the permanent crown is made at a dental laboratory. The temporary crowns are made using acrylic material and are not intended for long term use.

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