Medi-Cal: The Basic Dental Plan Benefits

Receiving regular dental cleanings and exams is key to your continued oral health. Medi-Cal is a program that people with limited income can take advantage of. Through this program, qualified children and adults can have healthcare coverage, either for free or at a low cost. If qualified, Medi-Cal ensures that you can enjoy affordable healthcare, including affordable dentistry in Los Banos, California.

Medi-Cal offers various plans to ensure your overall health, including dental care in Livingston, California. These plans offer similar basic benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Choice of dentistMedi-Cal has its own dentists and dental specialists. But, you can also personally choose your dentist in Modesto, Calif ornia for your needs.

    In case your dentist needs to refer you to a specialist, the dental care plan will make the referral. There will be no charge for the specialty dentist when you get the referral.

  • Dental emergenciesMost care plans have toll-free numbers you can call in case of a dental emergency. Make sure to call that number so they can arrange for you to receive the care you need. For non-emergency cases, they can make an appointment.
  • RemindersAfter signing up for a Medi-Cal plan, you will be getting a handbook containing all the info you need. Be sure to read it so you can understand your plan better.

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